21 y.o.

Living in Brussels.

Making the mental effects of discrimination (body shaming, serophobia, being different) and the discrimination of those mental effects talkable, offering a listening ear to the bears in need.


36 y.o.

Living in Brussels.

I’m a normal bear, a bit of a « nature-painter ». To help everyone accept themselves as they are, with the necessary strength and support if needed, whatever their choices/orientations, that would be my wish in a few words. I have been helped to accept and say who I am, it’s time for me to return the favour with this candidacy! Woof life!


48 y.o.

Living in Lièges.

If I am elected mister Bear Belgium 2022, I will give a lot of importance to the help and support of seropositive people, who are often isolated in society, at work and in social relations. The information known to the general public must first be adequate (the reality of HIV-positive people is not that of AIDS sufferers, the risks of transmission are almost nil at this stage). From there, it is easier to move on to help and support, such as prevention and passing on more information about the evolution of the disease.


33 y.o.

Living in Kapellen – Antwerp.

No human being is perfect. Yet almost everyone tries to achieve it. Because of this, people get burnt out and lose themselves. I want the people around me to feel good mentally, because if you feel good mentally, you will start to feel better physically as well. As Mr Bear, I want to be there for everyone so that everyone can feel good. And besides, laughter is sometimes good medicine.


49 y.o.

Living in Lommel

My purpose of joining is very effective, I want rights and a loving life for LGBTQIA people all over the world. 🌏
You have to vote for me to make the gay bear more known in limburg and beyond because with Belgium Bearpride I want to be a sign for LGBTQIA in Belgium and Europe.
I will be everywhere to support the Belgium Bearpride community.
Marc is the perfect Belgian Bear


43 y.o.

Living in Lièges

To be able to help young and old to accept their homosexuality and to accept themselves as they are and to help the LGBTQI+ community to progress. So if you also recognize yourself in this project, vote for me. Have a good day, bears!


38 y.o.

I will dedicate my mandate to fostering exchanges between the different communities for more diversity, inclusiveness and porosity between them.
I will defend all species of bears and care for the fur of as many of them as possible.
I will commit myself to more benevolence, respect and peace within and outside the community.