Some words from Kriss, Mr Bear Belgium 2017

I could speak to you all of my year as Mister Bear Belgium, but I would rather write a letter to a person who has done who I am.


When I left at the age of 18, you didn’t cry, you knew I was going to meet life. Without knowing that you knew, I lived my homosexual life. Then when I finally assumed who I was, when I discovered my nature as a bear, you just told me "I know it for so long and I Am so proud of you "

You, daughter of Jewish deportee, activist for the human rights, you spent your time to support me. You have fought for marriage equality, for LGBTQ rights. You inspired me to give the best of my person for my community by constantly repeating to me that the differences make the world better.

This year I traveled all over Europe. I met the bears of all Europe with the idea of federating us to promote our differences and our right to love freely. Then came what you feared the most. The opening of new concentration camps in Chechnya. naturally , I wanted to give my maximum support to the victims of these persecutions, this homophobic state barbarism.

I will not make a list of everything that has been done this year. But I want to dedicate you all of them .You, who passed away on February 20th, 2017. Everything Mr. Bear Belgium 2017 has accomplished this year is the result of your education, your unconditional love.

I will never stop fighting for the freedom and equality of all.
I miss you so much .»