History and goal of the project


At the end of March 2017, we learned with horror that the Chechen government had set up an anti-gay purge since probably the end of 2016.

Following the information that we have, a mobilization has been set up around bear and leather communities, initiated by different Mr bear, Leather and fetish of Europe.

At first we created the pink facebook triangle decor with the hashtag #chechnya100




After these first actions to inform the population, we collectively set up actions in each of our European countries, and even in Australia. 

Manifestations, silent marches, creation of a banner, the aim was to involve our governments and associations specializing in LGBT rights.

We have therefore come to help the victims of these persecutions in Chechnya by allowing them to leave the country and guaranteeing them a right of asylum and a chance to start their already battered lives again.


Joe King, Mr Leather Europe then set up a fundraising partnership with Rainbow Railroads. The goal of this Canadian association is to help victims of state homophobia re-start a new life in countries where LGBT rights are respected and where the right of political asylum for homophobia is granted.

Rainbow Railroads is going to put in place an action to allow the Chechen victims to leave their country safely, to obtain a Visa, to be legally protected, and to start a new life. This action is in cooperation with the Russian LGBT Network association.

It costs around $7000 per person.


Mr Bear Belgium 2017, with the support of Belgium Bear Pride, wishes to contribute to the work of Rainbow Railroads.

To this end, we have agreed to organize several events in various partner institutions of Belgium BearPride, and during events such as the Pride Antwerp.

The purpose of these investments is to promote fundraising. The amount collected will be given symbolically to Joe King, representative of the Rainbow Railroads Association, on October 14th 2017 during the election Mr
Bear Belgium 2018 in Brussels.

We reserve the right to remit these funds to the rainbow railroads as and when they arise.

History of the project (PDF) 


 A fundraiser is organized both on the internet and at organized events.


During the events of Mr Bear Belgium, and in participating partner locations, a sale of # chechnya100 stickers will be organized.

Every sticker will be sold 2€. Buyers may wish to give more.


In order to raise funds, 5 photos ( 60X40cm) of black and white nude of Mr. Bear Belgium 2017 printed on support will be auctioned in 5 differents places (Stammbar, Le Baroque , Station BXL , La Reserve, Mister B).

The auctions will be available on this places .The starting price of each photo will be 125€.

For each auction placed, the buyer will pay a right of auction of 2€