What does "Body Positive" mean?

Positive Body is a movement that was created to encourage people to accept their bodies as they are. The body should be a neutral element in a social place. But there is still a lot of judgment in society.

Body Positivity: To accept your body and not to be afraid to show yourself as you are, not to compare yourself with the standards imposed by social networks (instagram, facebook, tiktok,…) or society in general.

Body neutrality: the new body positive?

Extract from an RTBF article (translated in English).

The term “positive body”, a movement that encourages people, especially girls and women, to accept their bodies, has long since appeared on the networks. But then another, more nuanced term followed: “body neutrality”, which is now taking up more and more space on Instagram. Is one trend chasing another? What is the difference between the two? Let me explain.

This is the very principle of Instagram: basically, to show one’s life in images, but whether it is a landscape, a dish, a face or a body, the image in question must be “instagrammable”, i.e. sublimated. Sell dreams, expose the beauty, but be careful, one and the same beauty: smooth, luminous, sexy, thin but with shapes where they should be, fill it with filters, forget about intimacy, put yourself on stage, start again 50 times your picture until it is perfect, don’t forget the hashtags. Instagram or the dictatorship of the image, likes as consent. Make yourself desirable, enjoyable, adorable, fuckable. Because if you’re loved, then you’ll love yourself more. If not, you’ll have to change and start over.

That’s basically the way it was before. Because the advent of the positive body movement on the networks has been a game-changer. It wanted to get us out of these diktats, to help us affirm and expose our individual beauty on Instagram and be proud of it. It was a liberating movement.

Behind this hashtag, which blooms especially in the summer season, photos of cellulite, stretch marks, fat, junk food…all punctuated with positive and inspiring quotes about physique and weight. Except that it also got a lot of criticism for not being inclusive enough and also for being recuperated enough to put pressure on this body that we finally had to muscle up and lose weight at the finish line.

Marc Settembrino, Ph.D. Sociologist & Yoga Instructor

What is the difference between "positive" and "neutrality"?

The term “body neutrality”, which has been more widely used lately on the networks, is somewhat more timid, i.e. where the positive body types are unashamedly displaying their heads up, the body neutrals will rather use Instagram to say that they don’t feel comfortable with this or that part of their physique. They are more in the idea of wanting to talk about their complexes, to show them even sometimes, to explain how difficult and tiring it is to accept themselves in their true light but that’s it, gradually, they want to achieve it and encourage us to do the same. The idea is also to calm down their incessant relationship with their self-image and to refocus on their overall well-being, i.e. also their mental well-being.

Where the positive bodies could force themselves to accept themselves, the body neutrality will rather accept their dissatisfactions.

I'm fat, SO WHAT?

By Quentin

Little snarl from a big bear!

The subject of this growl … the GROSSOPHOBIA [sizeism –Ed.].

So what’s grossophobia? It’s an aversion or hostile attitude towards overweight, fat or obese people. »

Why make an article out of this subject? : As a fat person, I fortunately have broad enough shoulders to hear and endure derogatory remarks, at best, or hurtful insults and verbal/physical abuse, at worst. But this is not the case for all people who fall into the category of fat, overweight or obese.

On behalf of every fat, overweight or obese person, I would like to say this: “And you! Who are you to judge my physique, my lifestyle without knowing me or to give me dietary or other advice without having asked you? I didn’t ask you for anything, so keep your opinion to yourself! »

A little advice to all those who feel bad about themselves because of the way others look at them, it is not you who has a problem or who is the problem. It is the person who is picking on you!

I hope that through this article, I will be able to attract your attention and bring you to a reflection.